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The Book Award The Bridge 2016

Italian Fiction Winner

Gli Anni al Contrario, Einaudi Stile Libero, 2015

Nadia Terranova (1978) was born in Messina and lives in Rome. She made her debut in children's literature with Caro diario ti scrivo (Sonda, 2011) written with Patrizia Rinaldi, a story about twelve years old kids who become famous writers - from Anna Maria Ortese to Jane Austen. The book has obtained a reference in the Elsa Morante Boys Prize. Among her publications, Bruno. and Il bambino che imparò a volare (The child who learned to fly - Orecchio Acerbo 2012, illustrated by Ofra Amit) winner of the Napoli Prize and the Laura Orvieto Prize. Nadia Terranova collaborates with “IL Magazine" and "pagina99". Gli anni al contrario (Einaudi Stile Libero, 2015) is her first novel, winner for fiction of The Bridge Book Award - 2016 and Bagutta Opera Prima 2016.

Gli Anni al Contrario

Messina,1977. Since childhood Aurora, daughter of the Fascist Silini, has had the habit of taking refuge in the bathroom to studying and dreaming of emancipation from her family, that's too oppressive. John has always been the daredevil of Santatorre family, angry with his father and his "communism that smells of defeat", and wants to make a revolution. The two meet at the university, and a few months later they expect a little girl. But life together proves different from what they had fantasized. Frustration and fear of failure can also offend the most passionate bond, because even the strongest love can be betrayed by History. "We never used the same Dictionary. We used same words, but with different meanings. We said Family: I meant to build it up and you to circumscribe it; we said Politics: I was excited and you wary. I was fighting, you preferred to hide. If Mara hadn’t been born we would have lost our way immediately, but at least we would not have continued to blame ourselves for our loneliness. When I think of the past years, it seems that everything went to the opposite direction."