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The Book Award The Bridge 2016

Italian Non-Fiction Winner

Primo Levi di Fronte e di Profilo, Guanda, 2015

Marco Belpoliti (1954) writer and essayist, is professor of Sociology of Literature at the Department of Education and Sciences of Communication at the University of Bergamo. He collaborates with various newspapers and magazines; he is co-editor of the series "Riga" (Marcos y Marcos) and the online magazine “Doppiozero”, considered one of the major Italian cultural magazines. He curated the Einaudi edition of the works of Primo Levi (1997) and published an essay on Italo Calvino (L’occhio di Calvino, 1996). With Johan & Levi publishing house Belpoliti published Il segreto di Goya (2013). With Guanda house publishing he published Il tramezzino del dinosauro (2008), Il corpo del Capo (2009), Senza vergogna (2009), Pasolini in salsa piccante (2010), La canottiera di Bossi (2012), Da quella prigione (2012), L’età dell’estremismo (2014), La strategia della farfalla (2016) and Primo Levi di fronte e di profilo (2015) winner for non fiction of The Bridge Book Award, 2016.

Primo Levi di Fronte e di Profilo

This book, a sort of “book-universe”, is the result of twenty years of work on Primo Levi. it describes the “universe” of Primo Levi: his troubled life, his story as writer and intellectual, his multifaceted work, complex, full of topics, references and suggestions. As a sort of a mosaic the author moves deep into contents, imagery, subjects, creating also short paragraphs, which can be read individually as digressions or as part of a unitary context. More complex topics such as Judaism, the camps, the testimony of Holocaust innervate and run through the whole book, which contains also ten impressive pictures , and exclusive epistolary material found by the author in the archives never explored before.