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"The Bridge" Book Award 2017

Italian Non-fiction Winner

Paesaggio fragile — Einaudi 2016

Antonella Tarpino is an esteemed historian, essayist, and editor who has written many well-known texts. She is a journalist for the magazines, "Lo Straniero" and "L'Huffington Post,” as well as an author of the upper level history books, “Codice storia” and “La Scena del Tempo”. In addition, Tarpino has devoted some of her research to the transformation of everyday objects and landscapes in the Italy; especially focusing on abandoned places that persist in the memory of the Bel Paese. Moreover, Tarpino wrote the award-winning trilogy Geografie della MemoriaSpaesati, and Il Paesaggio Fragile. In fact, in 2013, Spaesati won the 86th Bagutta Prize, the first and only in its class. Her latest book, Il Paesaggio Fragile: L’ Italia Vista dai Margini (2016- Einaudi), also won the third edition of the International Book Award: The Bridge 2017 for Non Fiction. 


paessaggio fragile  In Antonella Tarpino’s book, Paesaggio Fragile: L’Italia Vista dai Marigini, we are exposed to the lesser known area of the Italian “outskirts.” This area forces the read to think twice about the atmosphere and landscape and merits another look at Italian. The story about these uncommon areas of Italian and renders it advantageous to utilize cartography to “rethink” Italy. The novel brings alive voices, visions, and sounds of those landscapes. However, the question inevitable exists—how can we give a future to these new and unchartered landscapes. For one, art, whether it be paintings or literature, shines a new light on these forgotten and humble places. Along the valleys of the Maritime Alps, the ancient Salt Roads of the Apennine, and the landscape of ancient buildings of the Adriatic to the Tyrrhenian Sea, this is a downtrodden story that emerges from the testimonies of mules, hair merchants, and street-hawkers. Finally, returning to the memory reveals the ambiguous and murky relationship between past and future, which offers new interpretations to our land.