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Each project has its own projects page.  These pages pull in content dynamically from other modules on Tendenci.  This means the main information lives in one place and is automatically brought to the corresponding page based on a tagging system.

Projects are broken into three main categories: literature, visual arts and performing arts.  These pages bring in content from the Tendenci Apps: News, Events, and Photos.


The tagging system works the same across all 3 modules.

Literature: "literature"

Visual Arts: "visual-arts"

Cinema | Music: "performing-arts"

There are 2 exceptions to these three categories.  The Bridge and the AIFIC Gala.  The Book Award the Bridge should have two tags: literature, the bridge.  The Gala has its own tag because it doesn't fit into any of the 3 main project categories.  To include it in all 3 feeds, add every category tag.

The Book Award The Bridge: "literature", "the bridge"

AIFIC Gala: "aific-gala"


Projects / News 

Project announcements are made in the News module.  This is the Press Release, with information about what the project is, who is involved, and other details.  Don't forget to add the appropriate tags!


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For specific events, happening with a place and time, they can be posted in the events module.  The events module has ticketing and etc.  Don't forget to add the appropriate tags!

Edit Past Events Here

Add New Events

aific upcoming events

aific past events feed

Event Types

There is another taxonomy in the events module which can be useful if you host a lot of events.  This allows for a visual change in the event type.  It's mostly applicable when using the monthly calendar view.

The event types are set up, but it's okay to ignore them if they are not in use.  This will not effect the Projects pages.


Photos / Galleries

The galleries are setup in the Tendenci photos app.  They're separated into the 3 project categories using tags.  If no tag was added at the time of the album's creation, it will not show up on this page.  If this happens, to add tags, use the admin backend.


photo galleries aific



There are 3 types of job opportunities on AIFIC: Volunteer Opportunities, Internships, and Jobs.  These are filtered by "category."  be sure to include a category when posting to the Jobs module.

The view results in these categories view:

Volunteer Opportunities: /volunteer-opportunities

Internships: /internship-program

Jobs: /jobs/?categories=3

To edit, please use the Jobs Module under Apps > Organizational > Jobs or by visiting:




These can be added and removed from the navigation as desired.  To edit the main navigation click here.  Or use the "Edit Nav" link to the bottom left of the navigation.