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Institutions “Cultural Portal by the Italian diplomatic network in the U.S.” – Il Portale Cultura della rete diplomatica italiana negli USA” ...

Renato Miracco Chair Italian Art Critic and Art HistorianFormer Cultural Attaché at the Italian Embassy, Washington DC   Merribel Ayres ...

Contact Info For all press inquires, please contact In The News The Book Award the Bridge — 2017 America ...

Why Membership in AIFIC is important. Allows AIFIC to provide free cultural events to the community- lectures, book presentations, concerts, ...

[firstname] AIFIC | American Initiative for Italian Culture NEWS

    News  December 2017 Hello [firstname], Welcome to the AIFIC | American Initiative for Italian Culture newsletter of upcoming events, articles, jobs and more from our membership.   Celebration Third Edition 2017 - The Bridge Award We celebrated the 3rd edition of The Bridge Book award late in October. The Prize was conceived to connect the cultures of Italy and the United States, and to promote knowledge of the newest literary trends in the two countries. Created by Casa delle Letterature of Rome, the American Initiative for Italian Culture (AIFIC), and the Embassy of the United States in Rome, the award is given annually to two winners from each country (in fiction and in nonfiction) and funds a translation of the books into the other language. (Read More)   The Bridge Award on Public Radio On the Public Radio's "The Poet ...

In Literature AIFIC conducts a variety of educational activities, literary events and book presentations, intended to introduce American readers to Italian ...

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