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Two Countries, One Heart

Music Schools – Twinning Project

AIFIC has launched the  international collaboration between the American Youth Philharmonic Orchestras (AYPO) in the Washington, DC area and the Padua Music Conservatory of Padua, Italy. The project advances the AIFIC mission to build a two-way bridge between the United States and Italy. This collaboration has a special emphasis on our countries youth.

AIFIC supported this twinning project in collaboration with Velut Luna, an Italian independent music label, which has distinguished itself over the years for a long tradition of promoting young talent, with the support of professionals and great maestros. The initiative has produced a high-level of diverse music-making.

The Exchange of Musicians, the core of the project

The two symphonies perform in Padua, Italy and in Washington, DC.  Two outstanding sopranos, Cheryl Porter and Rosella Caporale, participate. The program includes music representative of the US and Italian traditions.

The Director of the Padua Conservatory, Maestro Leopoldo Armellini, and the Executive Director of AYPO Dr. Graham Elliott agreed to the twinning of their respective institutions. There was an exchange of five American young musicians (first violin, second violin, first viola, first cello, first bass) drawn from among the five AYPO orchestras, who travelled to Italy and performed in the Padua Concert. Five young Italian musicians travelled to the US in April 2016 to play with the senior AYPO orchestra in concert at the Italian Embassy.


The Concert in Padova, Italy

The concert was held on October 17, 2015 at 9:00PM at the “Cesare Pollini” Conservatory concert hall.

Conductor Maestro Giuliano Medeossi

Singers Cheryl Porter and Rosella Caporale.

The number of musicians performing in Padova was 73 (including the 5 American young Musicians)



Details of the music program in Padova

01 – Fanfare For The Common Man (A.Copland) 3:26 
02 – God Bless America (I. Berlin) * 3:28
03 – Luna Saracena (F. Caporale) § 4:06
04 – Il Chiodo (A. Lincetto, R. Caporale, S. Tonin) 
§ 3:17
05 – I Look To You (R. Kelly) * 4:32
06 – America Is (H. David – J. Raposo) * 3:52
07 – I’ Te Vurria Vasà (V. Russo, E. Di Capua) § 5:44
08 – Era De Maggio (M. Costa, S. Di Giacomo) § 5:28
09 – Consequence (Lisa Marie Simmons, Marco Cremaschini) * 5:13 

10 – Voce ‘e Notte (E.Nicolardi, E. De Curtis) § 4:58
11 – God Bless The USA (Lee Greenwood) * 3:44
12 – Intermezzo da “Cavalleria Rusticana” (P. Mascagni) 3:22

Bonus Track
13 – Con te partirò (Time To Say Goodbye) (F. Sartori, L. Quarantotto) § * 3:25 especially dedicated in memory of Mrs. Renza Ravagnan Pagiaro (1939-2012)

The Concert in Washington, DC

The Concert was held on April 5th, 2016 at the Italian Embassy in Washington DC with the presence of the Italian Ambassador Mr. Armando Varricchio.

AYPO Artistic Director, Christopher Zimmermann shared the conductor’s dais with Italian Maestro Simone Tonin.
The two singers Cheryl Porter and
 Rosella Caporale, sang American and Italian pieces.

The number of musicians performing  in Washington was 85 (Including the 6 Italian young Musicians)



Details of the music program in Washington:

01. Pini di Roma (Ottorino Respighi) 23’

a) “I pini di Villa Borghese” (The Pines of the Villa Borghese) 

b)  “Pini presso una catacomba” (Pines near a catacomb)

c)  “I pini del Gianicolo” (The Pines of the Janiculum)

d) “I pini della Via Appia” (The Pines of the Appian Way)

02. Luna Saracena (4’) (Fulvio Caporale). Rosella Caporale)

03. America Is (4’) (B. J. Thomas) Cheryl Porter

04. Il chiodo (3’) (Adriano Lincetto). Rosella Caporale

05. Consequence (5’) (Cheryl Porter). Cheryl Porter

06. Era De Maggio (5’) (Giacomo Costa). Rosella Caporale

07. God Bless the USA (4’) (Lee Greenwood) Cheryl Porter

08. Con te partirò – Time to say goodbye (3’) (Francesco Sartori) Cheryl Porter and Rosella Caporale

Brochure with Biographies

CD Production

A CD has been produced, with graphic and photo contents that celebrate the natural beauty of the US and Italy.

See the cover Inlay out – Booklet


The organizations involved in the project obtained the patronage of the US Embassy in Rome, the Italian Embassy in Washington DC and the collaboration of the Italian Cultural Institute in Washington.

In Padova the invited Guest of Honor was the American Consular Agent in Venice Ms. Megan Jones.

A delegation composed by The Director of Conservatorio di Padova Leopoldo Armellini, the two sopranos Cheryl Porter and Rossella Caporale, the conductor Maestro Giuliano Medeossi, the founder of Valet Luna, Marco Lincetto and the five American students from the American Philharmonic Youth Orchestra were received by Ambassador Phillip T. Reeker at his Residence in Milan on October 12.

Highlights of the Concerts

1) Three unpublished pieces, two of which have been composed especially for the event;

2) Outstanding classic arrangement for a large orchestra of two country music pieces.  These pieces are usually played with electronic drums and guitars.

3) Original and noteworthy arrangement for the Gospel pieces, as strings will replace the classic choral parts in support of the soloist.  This has never been done before.