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Three-month upaid internship program for undergraduate or graduate students

Fields of Experience and Interest: Art Management, Fine Arts, Italian and American Studies, Communication Art and Technology, Literature and Culture, International Relations and Business a plus.


The candidate should have an interest in AIFIC’s mission.

We are seeking motivated and responsible interns hoping to gain experience working with a nonprofit. Interpersonal and communication skills are important internally and externally to the non profit

The person must be a self-starter and able to figure things out on his/her own. Much of the interaction with the directors will be via SKYPE, email or phone.

The intern should be comfortable working with a team, but most of the time he/she will have to work independently and without supervision.

Prior interning in a business setting is not a requirement, but some knowledge of administrative skills is a plus.

Interest and experience in event planning is a plus

The candidate should have good knowledge of Microsoft Word, Excel, Keynote, Pages and Numbers. He/she should be familiar with Social network (Twitter, Facebook) usage

Graphic design experience is highly recommended.

Time requested

Each intern will be expected to work 5–10 hours per week (this is flexible), between the hours of 9:30am–5:30pm, Monday through Friday in our office located on 2200 Pennsylvania Ave, NW Washington, DC.


Identify which of the responsibilities and areas listed in the internship description below you are most interested in. You can choose up to three subjects.

1) Membership

  • Helping with organizing AIFIC’s membership campaign
  • Helping to maintain the membership database
  • Helping to recruit new members
  • Providing support in sending mailings and invitations
  • Helping providing current donors and members with information requests
  • Updating the client information and referral database

2) Engagement

  • Assisting with community outreach through communication tools - emails, newsletters, community presentations

3) Fundraising

  • Helping to plan benefit events
  • Planning for appropriate funding “asks.”
  • Assisting with fundraising during cultural events

4) Cultural Projects

  • Researching sources to apply for funding for a particular project
  • Helping with editing copy for proposals and reports

5) Events

  • Research event venues and caterers, and help to get quotes
  • Depending on experience, help designing invitations and event promotion
  • Distributing marketing materials
  • Creating quarterly newsletter
  • Volunteering in the evenings of the event (organization)

6) Grant Submission

  • Conducting in-depth research on funding possibilities for programs and initiatives
  • Assisting with development of specific Grant proposals
  • Helping in writing Grant proposals

7) Website

  • Helping to review contents before uploading
  • Helping in organizing photo galleries
  • Helping in checking communication via email through the website


This is a volunteer unpaid internship. We encourage you to use this internship to gain course credits and to seek out "work-study" grants with your college, if that is an option.


If you are interested in the internship, please send an updated resume with a cover letter.

In the cover letter you should identify which of the responsibilities and areas listed in the internship description above you are most interested in. You can choose up to three subjects. Also in the cover letter, please provide information on what semester you are looking to intern, and the estimated days and times you will be available to work.

You can email or mail your resume and cover letter, but email is preferred. When using email, attach your resume and cover letter as a Microsoft Word (.doc) or Pages. or Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) format to